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Proxomitron Naoko  v.4.5 J

Proxomitron is a flexible HTTP web filtering proxy that enables you to filter web content in any browser

Testex - Email Tools  v.1.0

This project enables the user to type in a web address and have the tool extract the links from that page.

FTPpie  v.1.4.0

This tool enables you to get a usage piechart from your FTP service

MediaJoin Free  v.

MediaJoin is software that enables you to easily join (combine) all popular audio and video formats into a single merged audio or video file.

CFG Resume Blast  v.1.3

CFG Resume Blast is a tool that enables your resume

FireFox Tweak  v.3.0

It enables user to change some default firefox options and gain more out of firefox.

Testex  v.1.0 Beta

This project enables the user to enter a web page

CoDefender  v.1.2.281

CoDefender softwared-deOaos flexible architecture enables new and updated Protection Modules to be automatically delivered and activated on your system to provide you with the latest security features and protection.

AVCWare SWF Decompiler  v.

AVCWare SWF Decompiler is the converting tool which enables you to convert Shockwave Flash movie (.

SubInACL (SubInACL.exe)  v.5.2.3790.1180

SubInACL is a command-line tool that enables administrators to obtain security information about files, registry keys, and services, and transfer this information from user to user, from local or global group to group, and from domain to domain.

USB WriteProtector  v.1.2

USB WriteProtector enables or disables the write protection for USB disks.

Fast Booting  v.

Fast Booting enables system to enter "sleep mode" regardless of your current system power settings,

ObjFW for Windows  v.0.6

It enables you to write an application in Objective

Josbug for Windows  v.1.1

Josbug is a java library which enables to match tables from a relational database to java classes.

Go Live Chat  v.2.1 Build 44

Live Chat service to enables web site owner to chat with their clients instantly

T-Clock 3  v.1.01

A program that enables you to modify the taskbar clock

Toyota 2010 MyScreenSaver Lite AWC  v.1.3.8

Toyota 2010 cars MyScreenSaver Lite AWC is "All World Cars" screensaver that also enables you to download car pictures grouped as collections (MSS files) from a repository of image collections for all world major cars.

GDI+ for Windows  v.1.2

This library enables GDI+ functionality for Delphi 2009 and later.

Awards Viewer  v.1.6

This plugin enables you to create and connect to a "Cinematic Collection Viewer" database and display the awards for the currently selected profile.

Frame Designer  v.3.0

FrameDesigner by FrameXpert is a free application that enables you to quickly and easily design custom industrial furniture for almost any use, in minutes.

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